Smugglers of SW

Under Black Sun

Epic Fail

We begin this adventure when we tripped an alarm inside a Black Sun facility after we downloaded a heavily encrypted file. We managed to get to a droid driven taxi and began to get away when the droid was shot and we began to go down. Just as Ben took the controls and made it look easy as we got away back to the chop shop to meet our contact for the Pykes (Crime Family). After a bit of time we are able to get the info we need out of the encrypted file. We are asked to hunt down this bounty hunter that works for the Pykes, or he did until he stole from them and betrayed them to the Black Sun (a rival crime family).

Our first stop was Zelcomm Tower, where we are trying to get info on the bounty hunters true identity and location. The party successfully snuck into the building through the ventilation system and made it to the lobby where they easily knocked out the lone guard without triggering any alarms. They then found the location of the office they needed to get to and hacked the elevator. However, they noticed when they hacked the elevator they enabled the elevator to be able to go down to a lower basement secret loading area. They went down and saw a handful of workers loading a truck with crates and a couple people standing guard. They decide to kill the guards with out a single shot being fired by the guards, they then stole all the cargo (crates full of blaster rifles, stun grenades and frag grenades. They then left the tower without getting the info they needed and left 6 witnesses alive and stole from the Black Sun crime family.

Their next stop was The Umbra Club, half the party went in, the other half stayed with their newly acquired vehicle. Shortly after arriving a couple police droids came in looking for some suspects in a break in and murder in a local business. They spot two of them sitting at the bar and approach them. The droids ask the two suspects to come with them and Kurtt attempts to make peace while Mark grabs his gun. Dave shoots the wall and floor a couple times, Mark “turns off” the two droids by shooting them repeatedly with his gun. During the gun fight all the patrons of the bar flee out the front door blocking the way for the 2 at the vehicle from coming in. The party then talks to the bar keeper and bribe him for info about a chap named Speng who they suspect may be able to help find their bounty. He points them to a private booth where he was last seen. They open the booth and see him and a lady friend, the lady friend pays for her spice and leaves. The party then draws their guns on Speng and tell him they are going for a ride. Speng trips a silent alarm and on the way out two guards arrive behind the party and shoot Kurtt in the back twice killing him. They then made short work of Mark as their boss made his escape out the back. The party was able to kill one of the guards before grabbing their fallen allies and rushing them back to the ship where they stabilized them.

They then flew off the planet to find their kidnapped Doctor to revive them all and make the world unicorns and rainbows again. While they where on their way off planet their bounty also got away.

Now they have the anger of the Pyke and Black Sun crime families… all and all not a great way to spend an afternoon. But hey who does not like a bit of theft and murder. Plus we have a ton of weapons and are hoping to make a nice profit by selling off the extras.



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