Smugglers of SW

Getting the Band Back Together

Our buddy, shipping magnate George Vandelay contacts us regarding the botched delivery he hired us for a few weeks back. His contract to deliver consumables to the religious colony on Glorious Brightness was terminated due to the botched delivery we made. He wanted to make it right with us though since it wasn’t our fault, the stowaway (Mike) notwithstanding. The offer was to give us a pick up and deliver contract of cargo and 4 passengers. The run wasn’t supposed to be dangerous, but it was odd that we were to meet another freighter in space to transfer the cargo and passengers, due to “corporate espionage” concerns. We decided to give it a shot.

Almost immediately upon rendezvousing with the freighter from the Intrar Freight Corp, we heard a ding on the hull of our ship, which sounded like an impact. Then the proximity alarm sounded and we found a Firespray and 4 fighter escorts bearing down on us. A transmission from the Firespray revealed the voice of Kath Scarlet, a well known bounty hunter – and she started shooting her ion cannon at the Intrar freighter. She noted over the comm that we were going to a lot of trouble to meet that way and so we must have something valuable on board. As it turns out, we did.

The passengers and crew of the Intrar freighter abandoned their ship to try and make their escape with us. They had to leave the cargo behind. Shortly after our narrow escape, we realized the passengers were the up and coming band Cou Thari, with a female Twilek named Otaya as the lead singer. She and the captain of the other freighter pointed out that the bounty hunters appeared to be gunning for us which meant we’re responsible for the loss of their ship. We came up with a plan to help rectify the situation, but had one more loose end from the attack to tie up.

After a successful spacewalk to inspect the hull of our ship, we found a magnetized custom canister attached to our hull. (Ben) recognized the message inside – his last conquest had written a note that we’d better return the stolen ship or else. We decided to go a different route. (Ben) noticed a strange graphic painted on to the 4 escort starfighters, which was turned out to be the logo of the Squidpunchers pirate cartel.

After discussing the situation with the captain of the other freighter, we resolved to call the Imps to come and help. Along the way to meet them, we dumped some awesome and highly traceable cargo so that the Imps couldn’t find it. Imperial Intelligence located a probable base of operations and required some of our group to assist them in the attack, since we had seen them before, and had to fly the Intrar freighter back out of there anyway. We flew with them to the Squidpuncher’s base and helped the Imps assault it. While there, we were able to recover the lost freighter with it’s cargo intact, as well as liberate an expensive R2 astromech for our own use. The band and the Intrar captain were very happy with our success. We continued on our way, successfully delivering our cargo and fulfilling our contract.

As part of doing so, Otaya noted that she knew some people who’d be very interested in acquiring some awesome and highly traceable cargo, and so that’s a business transaction for another day. The Imperial Lieutenant who we dealt with in finding and attacking the pirates did not take a close look at all at our ship registration, signing off on our false documentation. While this does not prove our ownership, it does muddy the waters by legitimizing our registration, which should prove handy in the future.

Adventure end: everyone should be at 56 XP and 400 credits as your share of the contract.

Also since the Imperial officer didn’t look too closely at our ship registration paperwork, and accepted it, our group obligation to Fat Tony has been reduced (since he has less of a claim on the ship now).



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